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Our People


Karl Edwards

A serial Entrepreneur with15 years Investment Banking background, recently nominated for the UAE M&A awards 2021, Karl Edward Lubieniecki has built another impressive team.


Harry Winter

A hands on part of the team, Harry is the logistics engine behind the team.  Taking clients the extra mile to ensure everyone achieves their goals.


Adil Mohammad

A real estate and UAE expert with over 14 years experience of sourcing properties and everything else from sourcing staff to opening a bank account.


M. Ibrahim Baloush

A local expert with 20 years experience in the correct set up of UAE companies, visas and bank accounts.  Having studied immigration law and knowing the UAE system inside out, Ibrahim knows the direct route to what you require. 


Saif Muhammed

Having studied UAE law, Saif will ensure you are on the correct legal side of the line at all times.  Saif can help with any future issues regarding employment, legal support and company legislation.


Lucas Galtero

Lucas is head of our passport and European visa packages.  Having in excess of 12 years experience in obtaining European passports for some of our most discerning clients from China, Russia, Africa and the US, Lucas is fully up to date on all current regulations and requirements surrounding this matter.  Due to this knowledge, Lucas is in many cases able to obtain a European passport for a client within 6 weeks.


Anastasiia Ivanova

Of Russian origin, but having spent many years living in the UAE and UK, Anastasiia has a wealth of knowledge dealing with both Russian, European and British as well as local clients.  Her organisation skills and client management is second to none.  Anastasiia plays a major part in the successful client journey through Edwards & Winter.

Lara D_edited_edited.jpg

Lara Daniola

Lara is a hard working dedicated member of the Edwards & Winter team. Her strong customer focused background built up within one of the Europes largest high end retail chains gives her not only a first class standard in client relations, but also a strong footing on documentation implication and procedure protocol. This all adds to the Edwards & Winter ethos that the client experience must be perfect from start to finish. 


Rihab Touzani 

Holding both a Bachelors Degree, and Masters Degree in Auditing and Management Control, Rihab has the role of lead accountant at Edwards & Winter.  Her strong organisation skills, connected with a good understanding of finance means that she is a major part of the teams.  Rihab can help with all financial and auditing matters relating to our clients and their businesses.

3007 Iris Bay
Business Bay

Tel: +971 4 582 0228

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