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More than just an investment

The UAE's Only Boutique Visa Company.

Designed for the elite









The smart Visa & Investment choice.

What our Clients say.

"Edwards & Winter from start to finish have provided the highest level of service for myself and my family, more than we could have hoped for.  Everything was made simple, put in black & white, and quick.  We now have our company, family and pets all in the UAE.   Edwards & Winters even arranged our house viewings, drove us from property to property, and as part of our package, we paid no buyer commisions."

Adam Jefferson, UK

"Finally something that delivers all round!"

Eurek Roshket, RUS

"Moving to Dubai made simple"

Out there magazine, USA

"What a great company to deal with.  I have been working in the UAE for several years and have always come up against issues with visas and employment.  I meet clients daily who have been issued the incorrect visas, or companies set up improperly which causes a whole world of trouble in the future.  I am more than happy to report that Edwards & Winter have sorted all of this out for me and my clients, efficiently and correctly."

Oliver Hausentash, BG

"Immaculate, fast and efficient service provided all round. Shortly after the Pandemic hit myself and my family decided to move to the UAE for a better quality of life.  The investment aspect of this product really attracted us after three years, the visa, the company setup, the travel becomes offset.  Adil was a great help for introducing us to the housing developments which was the suitable choice for us as a new family to the area.  Our cars, driving licenses and maid have all been arranged through Edwards & Winter. From what we can so far see, after 15 months everything is working as it should.  Starting a new life in Dubai has been the best decision we've made, the kids love it and the family benefits are beyond superb.  I would strongly advise anyone looking to make the move to speak with Edwards & Winter"

David Green, IRL

"A set cost, a set time, a regulated investment product, and looked after from door to door."

Mrs L Hamms, UK

This is why we are....

The UAE's Only Boutique Visa Company.

3007 Iris Bay
Business Bay

Tel: +971 4 582 0228

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